Intervention Material

These materials were made available by the Look AHEAD Study. They are only available for research purposes and should not be made available for commercial purposes. Please acknowledge the Look AHEAD Research Group with use.

Look AHEAD Research Group, Wadden TA, West DS, Delahanty L, Jakicic J, Rejeski J, Williamson D, Berkowitz RI, Kelley DE, Tomchee C, Hill JO, Kumanyika S. The Look AHEAD Study: A description of the lifestyle intervention and the evidence supporting it. Obesity (Silver Spring) 2006;14(5):737-52

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Session 00: Introduction / What Look AHEAD will offer you?
Session 01:Welcome to the Look AHEAD Lifestyle Program
Session 02: Getting Started Tipping the Calorie Balance
Session 03: Ways to Eat Fewer Calories
Session 03 (Supplement): Be careful to read the label.
Session 04: Move Those Muscles
Session 05: How Are You Doing?
Session 06: Working With What's Around You
Session 07: Problem Solving
Session 08: Being Active: A Way of Life
Session 09: How Are You Doing?
Session 10: Healthy Eating
Session 11: More About Healthy Eating
Session 12: Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out
Session 13: How Are You Doing?
Session 14: Talk Back to Negative Thoughts
Session 15: The Slippery Slope of Lifestyle Change
Session 16: Emotions and You
Session 17: How Are You Doing?
Session 18: Handling Holidays - Vacations - Special Events
Session 18 (Supplement): Happy Thanksgiving!
Session 19: Jump Start Your Activity Plan: Muscle Training
Session 20: Make Social Cues Work for You
Session 21: How Are You Doing?
Session 22: You Can Manage Stress
Session 23: Ways to Stay Motivated
Session 24: Becoming A Weight Loss Expert
Session 25: How Are You Doing?
Session 26: Maintaining Energy Balance for Successful Long-Term Weight Loss
Session 27: How Much Physical Activity Should I Do?
Session 28: How Are You Doing?
Session 29: Ways to Keep Your Calorie Intake Within Your Maintenance Goal
Session 30: Reduced Calorie Eating and Keeping Track More Accurately
Session 31: How Are You Doing?
Session 32: Body Image and Self Esteem
Session 33: Annual Tune Up Time
Session 34: How Are You Doing?
Session 35: Fine Tuning Your Tune Up
Session 36: Making Reduced Energy Density Eating Work for You
Session 37: How Are You Doing?
Session 38: Mood and Hunger: Overeating and Inactivity
Session 39: Social Support for Physical Activity
Session 40: How Are You Doing?
Session 41: Preventing Relapse: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth Pounds
Session 42: Using Soups and Grains to Feel Full and Satisfied
Session 43: How Are You Doing?
Session 44: Congratulations – You’ve Completed One Year of the Look AHEAD Lifestyle Program!