Intervention Material

These materials were made available by the Look AHEAD Study. They are only available for research purposes and should not be made available for commercial purposes. Please acknowledge the Look AHEAD Research Group with use.

Look AHEAD Research Group, Wadden TA, West DS, Delahanty L, Jakicic J, Rejeski J, Williamson D, Berkowitz RI, Kelley DE, Tomchee C, Hill JO, Kumanyika S. The Look AHEAD Study: A description of the lifestyle intervention and the evidence supporting it. Obesity (Silver Spring) 2006;14(5):737-52

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Happy Holidays
Getting Ready for the Holidays
If You Drink Alcohol
Keeping Track During the Holidays
Saving Time During the Holidays
Staying Active on Holidays
Thanksgiving Tips
What is Most Important about the Holidays